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Long-awaited NBL set for 2018 tip-off

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Kingston, Jamaica — The interim President of the Jamaica Amateur Basketball Association, Calvin Martin, says that the formerly defunct National League will return next year. The proposed plans was well received by urban area clubs.

The national basketball league has been on a hiatus for the past 4 years. He says next they’ll be scheduling a meeting with the rural area teams.


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NBL To Return Later This Year

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February 28, 2017

Kingston, Jamaica — President of the Jamaica Basketball Association (JaBA), Dr Mark Broomfield, is reassuring basketball fans that the National Basketball League (NBL) competition will take place this year.

The NBL, which is the island’s premier basketball tournament, was last held in 2012 under former president Ajani Williams. However, since then, JaBA has struggled to secure a sponsor for the competition.

However, Broomfield, who took over as president from Williams in 2015, said the NBL would go ahead this year, regardless of sponsorship.

The JaBA boss added that his association is hoping to the start the league in October.

“With or without a sponsor, we are going to have the National Basketball League this year,” Broomfield said...

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